Oven Repairs in Essex

The most common electrical faults

Although we would never suggest you try to repair your oven yourself and always call the Appliance Spares and Repairs team, here are the most common electric oven faults we encounter.

Oven has no power
If your oven is run from a 13 amp plug and socket the fuse could have blown giving your oven no power, however if it’s on a 30amp mains power supply then the main electricity supply could have been interrupted which would give you oven no power, so make sure you check the main fuse boards in the house. If your oven has a modem digital timer the chances are that it could be stuck in automatic. If you would like more information on how you can reset an ovens digital timer please click here.

My Main oven has power but there is no heat
If the fan in your own comes on and so does the oven light but the main element does not heat up then the chances are you will need a new element. There are some cases where this can be linked to a thermal fuse that is faulty, or broken thermal switch.

My Grill has power, but there is no heat from it
If your grill light comes one but the grill element does not heat up then the element will require replacement.

Oven cuts out completely
If your oven is cooking at a very high temperature and is you can not turn the temperature down then the thermostat will require a replacement.

My Units near the oven are burning
Nearby units burning is the result of heat escape, this is commonly due to your door seal being faulty, we recommend that you door seals are replaced every few years. If your oven is new then check the oven has been installed correctly, check the manufactures instructions as this will tell you the recommended clearance gaps between the oven and the unit.

Oven control knobs are getting very hot
This issue is very common with ovens that have not got a cooling fan, the cooling fan is designed to blow cool air out of the top of your cooker, and this cools the doors, knobs and other oven hardware. For ovens that do not have a cooling fan you will find the appliance gets too hot to touch. We recommend you check the BSI safety standards which can be found here.

Door of oven does not close correctly or has come off
The oven door hinges may have broken or over time simply become misaligned. Please note old oven door seals can perish and therefore become very loose, in which case you would need to replace the door seal.

If you still have questions then please call one of the Appliance Spares & Repairs team on 01376 345844