Indesit Repair

Is your Indesit equipment giving you a hard time? Well home appliances do not come with lifetime guarantee. It’s an era of new inventions and latest technology. How much we try and take care, we cannot be immune to the normal wear and tear and breakdowns.

That’s when people would need us. You must be thinking who are we? And what new thing we are selling? Well we strongly believe that fixing things saves money and helps the planet. So we are not selling anything new.

We are “Concept Appliance Spares and Repairs”. We offers repair on all Indesit products and appliances. We are a team of skilled and experienced technicians who can help you with any of the laundry solutions machines, kitchen appliances and refrigerators etc. We are based in Braintree and cover all surrounding areas of Essex.

Any model or make of Indesit machines, we promise to fix the issue. Whether it is a Microwave, Oven, Washing Machine or Refrigerator, we offer quick solutions 24/7. However big or small is the issue, we are just a call away to assist you. Call us at 01376 345844 or 0800-6226117 (out of hours). Just one call can save you all the hassle. Also check out our prices here to know beforehand how much it will cost you.